DEF How To Help

Why A Foundation?
In this economic era when public schools are facing significant budgetary challenges due to a decrease in federal and state funding, it has become very difficult for school boards to identify ways to maintain many of the quality programs communities have come to expect in their schools. The educational program is at risk if new solutions for funding are not identified.

The Dynamo Education Foundation was created to help fund programs that supplement and enhance the quality of Allegheny Valley’s education and provide students with extended learning opportunities.

The District is recognized for excellent achievement of its students in academics, the arts, and athletics. The high expectations of its academic offerings, the quality and diversity of its programs in music and visual arts, and the reputation of its athletic programs encourage families to remain in the District, while extending a welcome for new families to become a part of Allegheny Valley.

The Dynamo Education Foundation is proud to be working toward the goal of preserving and expanding the best educational opportunities for Allegheny Valley’s children. 

Strong community support is needed in order for the Dynamo Education Foundation to continue providing educational programs and opportunities to the Allegheny Valley School District. Below are ways that you may be able to help…


Donations may be made directly to the Foundation. To donate, please make checks payable to: Dynamo Education Foundation, 300 Pearl Avenue, Cheswick, PA 15024. All donors will be recognized on our web site.

  • Monetary Donations – The Dynamo Education Foundation welcomes matching funds, grants and gifts by alumni, local businesses, and the community at large.

  • In-kind Donations – The Foundation and School District is always in need of equipment and supplies, printing and design services, and items and services that can be used as prizes at special fundraising events.

  • Memorial Donations – You can honor the memory of a loved one by contributing in his/her name or create a gift within your estate for the foundation.


The Dynamo Education Foundation welcomes community members and alumni who would like to volunteer as members of our committees to plan, advertise, and carry out our events. If you are interested in becoming a part of one of our committees, please contact Jan Zastawniak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Efforts are under way to secure local business support, alumni and community contributions to maintain supplemental educational opportunities for District students.