DEF Grant Program

The Grant Program is intended to support ideas generated by teachers or staff members to enhance classroom learning or to provide other district-based opportunities for improving the educational process and academic achievement.  The Grants are intended to support ideas generated by staff members to enhance classroom learning or to provide other District-based opportunities for the improvement of education and academic achievement.

For the 2022-23 school year, the following ideas were awarded:

  • Project 1: The Edible Classroom Kitchen. An extension of the current 6th Grade Farm-to-Table program, the Kitchen program will allow students to cook and prepare the vegetables grown in the classroom. Staff recipient: McCall Emerick, Grade 6 Teacher.
  • Project 2: Parenting Challenge and Infant Care. The project will support the SHS child development class and provide Real Care Baby simulators to teach students basic infant care, parenting, and child development lessons.  Staff recipient: Melissa Leger, Food/Consumer Science Teacher. 
  • Project 3: Effects of pH on Plants. Using greenhouse kits and pH monitors, the program will introduce students to planting and allow them to observe the effects of pH on the soil for different plants. Staff recipient: Nicole Tryon, Chemistry Teacher.
  • Project 4: Communication Outreach. The project will add the PeachJar program to extend District communication effort - a platform to organize and simplify the process of distributing fliers to families. Staff recipient: Jan Zastawniak, Public Relations Director

In the nine years of the grant program, the Dynamo Education Foundation has awarded staff members over $34,900 for 31 classroom projects, activities, and programs. Fundraising is held throughout the year to support and increase these grant awards.