April 19, 2024 -

The power has been restored at Acmetonia Elementary.  School will resume according to the regular schedule.  



The Allegheny Valley School District K-12 student program is reinvented continuously through collaborative process led by the educational staff. The program supports rigorous instruction aligned with the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards to prepare all students to develop individual goals to compete globally with the skills necessary to graduate from high school to post-secondary educational experiences, the armed services or employment.

Each program of study encourages personalized student learning and maximizes the investment in resources, including technology. Established partnerships with local business and industry and ongoing collaboration with foundations, community groups, post-secondary organizations and other learning and professional institutions continue to make a positive difference for offering a comprehensive, relative student learning experience. To that end, personalized student learning through STEM immersion, enhanced classroom technology integration and project-based experiences that encourage creativity and innovation are evident. A rigorous classroom environment with blended learning opportunities, flexible grouping, independent study, dual enrollment options and growing access to a variety of technology tools and resources encourage and support diversity for personalized student learning.


Acmetonia Elementary School
Springdale Jr-Sr High School
Junior High
Springdale Jr-Sr High School
Senior High
Language Arts English English Human Growth & Development
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics  
Science Science Science  
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies  
Health/Physical Education Health/Physical Education Health/Physical Education  
Fine Arts Fine Arts Fine Arts  
  Practical Arts Practical Arts  
    Foreign Language