April 19, 2024 -

The power has been restored at Acmetonia Elementary.  School will resume according to the regular schedule.  


Hotspot Tech Support

Have you just received your hotspot?  Please start here by watching this video:


Frequently Asked Questions

How much Internet really is 100 Gigs of data?

The answer to this really depends on what you are doing on the internet.  Below are some basic estimates of how much 1G of data is.

1G = 42,000 Text Messages
1G = 5,120 Emails with attachments
1G = Viewing 3,413 Webpages
1G = 353 Minutes of Streaming Youtube
1G = Streaming of 1 Standard Definition Movie

What are some steps I can take to save data on my T-Mobile hotspot?

Sometimes your devices can be using data and you do not even know it.  Some best practices to extend how much use you get out of your hotspot:

  • Disconnect all of your devices from the hotspot when not in use.
  • Turn off the hotspot when you are done using it.
  • Closeout browser tabs that you are not using.  They can be using data in the background.
  • Limit unnecessary streaming of video or music in the background, as streaming can use up data quickly.
  • Connect to a dedicated Wi-Fi when possible.  For example, connect to the school's WiFi while you are in the building, not your hotspot.

A specific website is being blocked on the hotspot, can you unblock it for me?

Unfortunately, AVSD does not have the ability to change the filter settings on the hotspot devices.  These are set by T-Mobile. 

Other than a hotspot, what are some other low-cost ways to get connected to the Internet?

Please take a look at our "Get Connected" page for other ways to get connected to the Internet.