Allegheny Valley Health & Safety Plan Information

The Allegheny Valley School Board approved the attached Health & Safety Plan at their August 17, 2021 meeting.

Listed below are some important items to note from the plan:

  • Contact tracing will continue to identify and quarantine close contacts when positive COVID cases are identified. The District will continue to consult the Allegheny County Health Department about contact tracing.
  • Wearing correctly fitted mask can limit the likelihood of quarantine because of a Covid-19 exposure at school.
    • Masks will be mandatory for PK-12 students and staff to begin the school year.
    • Masks will be mandatory on school busses.
  • Students will be socially distanced by 6 feet during lunch and activities that require masks to be removed, such as playing an instrument.
  • Masks will not be required for K-6 students when outside for recess.

The Allegheny Valley Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes to the plan based on local conditions/metrics, guidance from local and national agencies, and recommendations from health organizations.  It cannot be stressed enough that as we continue to move through this phase of the pandemic, things will continue to change quickly. Allegheny Valley’s plan is also subject to change with little notice, based on the guidance from the Center of Disease Control and other local or state agencies. We strongly recommend that families consider to put their own student plan in place in the event that schools may have to close within a short time frame.  Planning ahead can prove to reduce stress during these times.  Please continue to check emails and the School District homepage for important updates.

Health & Safety Plan 2021-2022


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